Broadview, Illinois, is a small suburban village located in Cook County, just west of Chicago. Incorporated in 1914, the village spans an area of about 1.78 square miles and has developed as a residential community with a mix of commercial and industrial zones. Known for its close-knit community atmosphere, Broadview provides a balance of suburban tranquility and accessibility to the larger metropolitan amenities of nearby Chicago. The village's strategic location near major highways and public transport options makes it an appealing choice for residents seeking convenience and connectivity.

Significantly, Broadview has invested in community development, ensuring the availability of essential services and facilities. The village hosts several local businesses and retailers, contributing to its economic vitality. Its commitment to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment is evident through various community engagement initiatives and public safety programs.


Geographically, Broadview is characterized by a flat landscape, typical of the Chicago metropolitan area. This terrain has facilitated urban planning and development, allowing for well-organized residential and commercial zones. Broadview is bordered by Maywood to the north, Bellwood and Hillside to the west, La Grange Park to the south, and Westchester to the east.

The climate in Broadview is typical of the Midwest, with four distinct seasons that include hot summers and cold, snowy winters. This climate supports a range of seasonal activities, contributing to the community's active and outdoor lifestyle. The village's parks and recreational areas are popular spots for residents to engage in various activities throughout the year.


Broadview's population is ethnically diverse, comprising African American, White, Hispanic, Asian, and other ethnic groups. This diversity is reflected in the village's cultural events, businesses, and community programs. Broadview has a strong working and middle-class demographic, with the majority of its residents employed in a range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, and services.

The village places a high value on education and community involvement, with several schools serving the area and numerous community organizations and events that foster a sense of belonging and civic pride. The demographic makeup of Broadview contributes to its reputation as a diverse and inclusive community, where residents of various backgrounds come together to create a vibrant and supportive environment.

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