Lyons, Illinois, is a small suburban village located in Cook County, approximately 12 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. It was incorporated in 1888 and covers an area of about 2.2 square miles. The village is known for its rich history, particularly its association with the early days of the automobile industry and as a key site during the Prohibition era. Lyons has a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas, offering a diverse range of amenities and employment opportunities to its residents.

Today, Lyons is a community that balances suburban living with easy access to the urban advantages of nearby Chicago. The village maintains several parks and recreational facilities, contributing to a quality of life that attracts both families and individuals. Its close-knit community feel is evident in various local events and activities hosted throughout the year.


Lyons is situated in a largely flat area, characterized by an urban-suburban landscape. Residential neighborhoods are interspersed with commercial zones, creating a balanced community layout. The village is bordered by the Des Plaines River to the north, which adds natural beauty and recreational opportunities. The presence of several major highways and its proximity to Chicago make Lyons a convenient location for commuters.

The village experiences a typical Midwestern climate, marked by hot summers, cold winters, and moderate precipitation. This climate influences the types of outdoor activities available and contributes to the seasonal beauty of the area.


Lyons has a diverse population, with a significant presence of Hispanic or Latino residents, alongside Caucasian, African American, and Asian communities. This diversity is reflected in the cultural and social fabric of the village, contributing to its unique character.

Economically, Lyons features a mix of residential areas, small businesses, and industrial zones. The local economy is supported by a range of services and industries, with many residents working in nearby cities. The village's schools, part of the local district, serve the educational needs of its younger residents, supporting the family-friendly atmosphere of Lyons.

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