Oak Brook, Illinois, is an affluent suburb located in DuPage County, approximately 19 miles west of downtown Chicago. Known for its upscale residential areas and significant commercial developments, Oak Brook was incorporated as a village in 1958 and covers an area of about 8.3 square miles. The village is home to numerous corporate headquarters, high-end shopping centers, including the famous Oakbrook Center, and several golf courses and country clubs. This combination of luxury residential properties and a robust commercial sector makes Oak Brook unique among Chicago suburbs.

Despite its relatively small population, Oak Brook plays a significant role in the regional economy. It is known for its low property tax rate, which is partly due to the large commercial base supporting the village's revenue. Oak Brook also offers a high quality of life with its well-maintained parks, recreational facilities, and community events that cater to both families and professionals.


Oak Brook is characterized by its spacious layout, with large residential lots, expansive green spaces, and well-planned commercial areas. The village's topography is generally flat, with lush tree-lined streets and manicured landscapes. The presence of Salt Creek and several small lakes within its boundaries adds to its scenic beauty and provides opportunities for outdoor recreation.

The climate in Oak Brook is typical of the Midwest, featuring warm summers, cold winters, and a range of weather conditions throughout the year. This climate influences the outdoor activities and lifestyle of its residents, with a focus on enjoying the changing seasons.


Oak Brook's population is diverse, with a significant representation of Caucasian, Asian, and Hispanic residents. The village is known for its affluent demographic, with high median household incomes and property values. Education levels are generally high, with many residents holding advanced degrees.

The economy of Oak Brook is strongly influenced by its commercial sector, with numerous corporations headquartered in the village. This creates a unique job market, predominantly in the fields of finance, professional services, and retail. The village's schools, mainly part of the DuPage County district, are well-regarded and contribute to the appeal of Oak Brook for families seeking a high-quality education for their children.

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