Hillside, Illinois, is a village located in Cook County, part of the Chicago metropolitan area. Established in 1905, Hillside has a rich history intertwined with the development of the Greater Chicago region. The village, covering an area of approximately 3.18 square miles, is situated about 15 miles west of downtown Chicago. Hillside is known for its residential charm combined with commercial vitality, featuring a blend of quiet neighborhoods, local businesses, and industrial areas. The village’s strategic location near major highways and railways makes it an accessible and convenient place for residents and businesses alike.

Hillside’s civic infrastructure includes public schools, parks, and a range of essential services that cater to the daily needs of its residents. The village is characterized by a strong sense of community, with various local events, programs, and initiatives that foster a close-knit environment. Hillside also boasts historical landmarks and recreational facilities, providing a balance of cultural heritage and modern amenities.


The geography of Hillside is typical of the Illinois landscape, with relatively flat terrain and a mix of urban and suburban developments. It is bordered by communities such as Westchester to the south, Berkeley to the west, and Elmhurst to the north. The village experiences a continental climate, with hot summers, cold winters, and moderate precipitation throughout the year. This climate influences the outdoor activities and lifestyle of the residents.

Hillside’s urban planning includes a mix of residential areas, commercial corridors, and industrial zones, thoughtfully laid out to create a harmonious community space. The presence of several parks and green spaces adds to the village’s aesthetic appeal and provides recreational opportunities for residents.


The demographic profile of Hillside is diverse, reflecting the multicultural character of the Chicago metropolitan area. The village's population includes a mix of White, African American, Hispanic, Asian, and multiracial residents. This diversity is mirrored in the cultural events, local businesses, and community life of Hillside, contributing to its vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

The local economy is supported by various sectors, including retail, manufacturing, and services, offering employment opportunities to residents. Hillside’s education system, comprising public and private institutions, serves the community’s educational needs, contributing to the overall development and well-being of its residents.

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