Westchester, Illinois, is a suburban village located in Cook County, just west of Chicago. It was incorporated in 1925 and has since developed a distinct suburban character, combining residential areas with commercial and industrial development. The village spans an area of approximately 3.69 square miles, showcasing a blend of older, mid-century homes and newer constructions. Westchester is known for its family-friendly environment and a strong sense of community, making it a popular choice for those looking to live in a suburban setting while remaining close to the amenities of a major city.

One of the notable features of Westchester is its extensive park system, including the Wolf Road Prairie, a significant natural prairie reserve in the area. This emphasis on green space adds to the village's appeal, offering residents recreational opportunities and natural beauty. Additionally, Westchester's location provides convenient access to major highways and public transportation, facilitating easy travel to Chicago and other surrounding areas.


Geographically, Westchester is located on a flat prairie terrain, typical of the Chicago suburban area. This topography has influenced the village's development, allowing for straightforward urban planning and the creation of spacious residential lots and parks. The village is bordered by La Grange Park and Brookfield to the north, Broadview to the east, Hillside and Bellwood to the south, and Western Springs and La Grange Highlands to the west.

The area's climate is characterized by four distinct seasons, with warm summers, cold winters, and moderate spring and autumn seasons. This climate supports a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year, from summer festivals to winter sports, contributing to the village's active community life.


Westchester's population is diverse, with a mix of White, Hispanic, African American, Asian, and other ethnic groups. The village has a solid middle-class demographic, reflected in its median household income and property values. Education levels are high, with many residents holding college and advanced degrees.

The demographic makeup of Westchester contributes to its suburban lifestyle, with a focus on family and community. The village hosts various events and activities that cater to families and individuals of all ages, reinforcing its reputation as a welcoming and inclusive community. The presence of good schools, both public and private, further emphasizes the village's commitment to education and family values.

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